Successful, win-win strategies for

a superyacht project

What makes or breaks the creation of a Superyacht

"This AMAZING book should become compulsory reading for all clients, designers, project managers and yacht-builders..." – Alan Warwick, Yacht Designer, NZ


"It is required reading before starting a project, and then rereading during and after a project!"– Nick Gladwell, former Director, Cayman Island Shipping Register


"It would have been excellent to have this book in hand and thoroughly understood before starting our yacht." – Allen Jones, former CEO of New Zealand Yachts


"This book should be a must-read for yard managers, brokers, yacht managers and even designers..." – Butch Dalrymple-Smith, Naval Architect, France


"I have not seen anything written along such lines - it will certainly be of interest and a talking point in the industry, and the very easy, non-pompous, and relaxed style may appeal to lay people as wel! Very good!" - Ken Freivokh, designer


"...Before sinking any funds into any superyacht project, this book and a consultation with Tomek is a must." - Michele Discepola, Lawyer at O'Melveny & Myers LLP, Singapore



This book offers the insiders knowledge into the super yacht construction projects. The author explores overlapping knowledge of project management, quality assurance and continuous improvement. With 40 years of experience he offers advice on how to create win-win environment.


By following thirteen strategies you will be able to save a lot of frustration, disappointment, energy and unnecessary outflow of funding measures. Like balance in nature plays an important role in keeping all alive and flourishing, equilibrium in business plays the same role. For reader's it could be very fascinating to know what such people like Shakespeare, the Beatles or Prince Philip has to do with a superyacht projects.